Can I use your messages on my radio program or other service?

Regarding the use of AudioVerse content for radio, we are happy for radio stations (traditional or online) to utilize our content to reach a broader audience. As such, we have fairly simple terms for the use of our content for this purpose:

1.  You are welcome to use all messages under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 (US) license on AudioVerse for your radio station. Any messages that are listed as “All Rights Reserved” are not free for use and may not be rebroadcast anywhere beyond the AudioVerse platform. (You can find this information beneath each recording in our library.) 

2.  You must use the recordings as they appear and not alter them in anyway.

3.  You must attribute the content to AudioVerse in some way. (And if the context allows, to provide a direct link back to the AudioVerse website.)

4.  You will need to do the work of downloading the messages you wish to use, AudioVerse is unable to supply any custom tools or manual assistance in the sourcing of content for your station. To obtain the highest quality audio files for each entry, you may need to create an account and login as a user.

5. And we would be grateful if you receive any testimonies from listeners due to messages obtained from AudioVerse, that you share them with us so we can let our supporters know as well. Simply write us at [email protected].

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